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As Jackson Hole’s only registered, rated and insured private charter firm and the industry’s most-accredited, New Flight Charters offers the below specifically for Jackson Hole. You won’t find better pricing, guaranteed.

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Upcoming Jackson Hole Specials

SELECTED SPECIALS LISTED BELOW, many more available TO or FROM Jackson nationwide

Text or send your date & routing to 307-699-4857 or jh@newflightcharters.com.

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IMPORTANT – Flights below can be quoted for any locations in the same general direction

StartEndFromToAircraftCategoryPrice + tax
2/202/20Jackson Hole WYHayden COGulfstream IV-SPHeavy jet$11,900dd
2/202/20Jackson Hole WYSalt Lake City UTGulfstream G200Super-mid jet$9,900dc
2/202/22White Plains NYJackson Hole WYFalcon 50Super-mid jet$32,900ub3
2/222/23Jackson Hole WYVan Nuys CAGulfstream G200Super-mid jet$18,900tb
2/222/24Jackson Hole WYHeber UTCitation ExcelMidsize jet$5,900k2
2/242/24Chicago ILJackson Hole WYFalcon 20Midsize jet$14,900sb2
2/242/26Memphis TNJackson Hole WYCitation XSuper-mid jet$26,900vk
2/242/25West Palm Beach FLJackson Hole WYGulfstream IVHeavy jet$39,900ig
2/252/25Chicago IL Jackson Hole WYCitation XLSMidsize jet$16,900kb
2/252/26Jackson Hole WYVan Nuys CACitation CJ3Light jet$12,900tb
2/282/29Hayward CAJackson Hole WYPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$10,900eqb
2/293/3Jackson Hole WYDallas TXCitation XSuper-mid jet$16,900vk
3/53/6Jackson Hole WYSalt Lake City UTCitation CJ2Light jet$5,900dc
3/73/8Jackson Hole WYHayward CAPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$10,900eb1
3/83/8Jackson Hole WYSalt Lake City UTFalcon 2000EXHeavy jet$15,900km
3/143/15Van Nuys CAJackson Hole WYGulfstream G200Super-mid jet$18,900tb
3/153/15Salt Lake City UTJackson Hole WYFalcon 2000EXHeavy jet$15,600km
4/124/12Palm Beach FLJackson Hole WYCitation XSuper-mid jet$29,900ig

SELECTED SPECIALS LISTED ABOVE, many more available TO or FROM Jackson nationwide.

Text or send your date & routing to 307-699-4857 or jh@newflightcharters.com.

Specials above can arrive or depart OTHER locations in the general route of flight for an added cost, ask for a quote.

The above are current at the time of posting and subject to change or prior sale. Some prices may be estimates. Prices listed are before taxes 7.5%.

DOT legal note – The above specials are not FAR Parts-121 or 380 scheduled flights. Listed is their best cost routing and date. They can fly any routing in their general direction and time frame for a discounted rate.

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Jackson Hole’s Jet Charter Company

Posting record growth since 2004, Jackson’s New Flight Charters is an award-winning air charter leader nationwide and a specialist in flights to and from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Eastern Idaho and the region. With arguably the largest industry-wide and nationwide aircraft reach, and as a favorite inside the industry, New Flight Charters arranges top-rated aircraft and guaranteed best pricing in the market. View New Flight Charters in the charter broker directory. The company’s Charter Management Team are long term aviation professionals and one of the most experienced teams in the U.S.

Jackson Hole Empty Legs Listing and Guide

A New Flight Charters strength; the best-cost empty leg one-way jet charters in the industry. Take advantage of total private jet industry access to nationwide empty leg listings and floating one-way aircraft. Light jets through Gulfstreams available same-day to several weeks in advance. Call now for the best one-way jet pricing, Guaranteed.

Best Price Guarantee

New Flight Charters arranges the largest selection of top-rated private jets and turboprops and every quote has a Best Price Guarantee. You are guaranteed the best price in the market for each and every flight or we will match it and give you $500 cash.

Floating Jets for Jackson Hole Charters

Many floating (non-based) one-way jets are available every day, and scheduled point to point with advance notice, and on short notice when available. Pricing varies depending on jet type, availability and routing.

Total Private Jet Industry Access to Empty Legs and One-Way Aircraft Nationwide

As an established and respected major charter sales agent, take advantage of total access to nationwide private jet one ways and empty legs, including to and from Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.  New Flight Charters’ real-time database of over 5,000 aircraft and personal connections allow you to secure one-way options your typical charter service and jet cards cannot offer.

Safety Leader

New Flight Charters is proud to arrange the top-rated aircraft in the industry, with aircraft available that are rated or registered by IS-BAO, Wyvern, ARG/US or all three. New Flight Charters was also selected as a Wyvern-Authorized Brokerthe only one in the Rocky Mountain States and one of only 26 companies in the world.

New Flight Charters

Jackson Hole, WY, US
Status verification date: 1-Aug-2023

New Flight Charters is committed to aviation safety and is one of the few Wyvern Brokers who have access to the information required to book you on a Wyvern-compliant flight. New Flight Charters can provide you with a PASS report which will verify that the operator, aircraft and crew chosen for your trip meet the rigorous safety requirements of The Wyvern Standard.

Wyvern Wingman operators have a demonstrated commitment to aviation safety and maintain strict safety programs which Wyvern audits annually and monitors continuously throughout the year. Wyvern Wingman operators also undergo annual Wyvern on-site audits to ensure that their operations and maintenance practices continue to adhere to The Wyvern Standard—the safety standard that air charter buyers trust.

The Wyvern Standard is a safety standard whose requirements far exceed the regulatory requirements for commercial air charter operations and maintenance. The requirements of The Wyvern Standard were developed in conjunction with the most sophisticated and demanding flight departments in the world.


Contact New Flight Charters now for more information or for charter quotes and availability – Jackson Hole or nationwide. Charter Managers are available 24/7 at (307) 734-7751 or by email during business hours.

Top-Rated and the Industry’s Most-Accredited: