Jackson Hole Air Charter Aircraft Available

New Flight Charters features arguably the largest quality private jet listings available for Jackson Hole private charter. Choose from a variety of private jet sizes and smaller aircraft, located at Jackson Hole Airport or within a one-hour positioning flight of Jackson.

Your best trip-price options are Guaranteed and you won’t be overpaying for your flight.

New Flight Charters presents the best several options to choose from for each and every flight, from the comprehensive Jackson Hole private jets and nationwide charter aircraft availability.

Aircraft Available for Jackson Hole Charters

Available at or near Jackson, and available for Jackson Hole Airport charters

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Gulfstream VChallenger 350Hawker 800XPPhenom 300Piaggio Avanti
Gulfstream 450Challenger 300Gulfstream G150Nexant 400XTKing Air B200
Gulfstream IVGulfstream G280Citation XLSCitation CJ4, CJ3, CJ2, CJ1King Air B100
Challenger 605Gulfstream G200Citation ExcelCitation UltraKing Air C90A
Challenger 605Citation XLearjet 60Learjet 31Pilatus PC-12
Falcon 50Phenom 100Cessna Grand Caravan EX
Cirrus VisionJet

One-Way Price Jets for Jackson Hole Discount Jet Charters

Global 6000Challenger 300Citation LongitudeLearjet 60XR
Gulfstream IV-SPCitation XCitation LatitudeHawker 400XP
Gulfstream IVFalcon 2000Citation SovereignPhenom 300
Challenger 850Falcon 50Citation ExcelCitation CJ3+
Challenger 604Hawker 1000Hawker 800XPCitation Ultra
-Also available are empty legs with numerous other aircraft-

See also the nationwide jet charter listings of available charter aircraft by state, city and airport locations.

Large Cabin Jets

$4,950 – $8,600 hourly*

The flagships of luxury jet charter service, these range in size from the 9-passenger Falcon 50 to the new 16-passenger Global Express. Most large cabins accommodate 9 to 13 passengers comfortably and include a Cabin Attendant, full hot galley for custom in-flight catering, state of the art audio/video entertainment and a full walk-in lavatory. Cabin dimensions vary by type, and typically are 6′ high, 7′ wide and 30’+ long. Challenger aircraft feature a wider cabin while Gulfstream aircraft have greater cabin length. Most large cabins can also convert to sleeping arrangements for 4 to 6 passengers. Large cabin jets have international range of between 6 and 12 flight hours non-stop with fuel reserves. For luxury private charter flights, our large cabin jet charters are pinnacle in comfort, convenience and service.

Gulfstream 550
Gulfstream V
Gulfstream 450
Gulfstream IV-SP
Gulfstream IV
Gulfstream III
Gulfstream II-SP
Global 5000
Global Express
Challenger SE
Challenger 605
Challenger 604
Challenger 601
Challenger 600
Gulfstream 200
Challenger 300
Falcon 2000
Falcon 9000
Falcon 900
Falcon 50
Embraer Legacy

Midsize Jets

$2,950 – $4,200 hourly*

The all-around performers in private jet charter, midsize jets typically seat 6 to 8 passengers and feature a stand-up cabin and rear enclosed lavatory. Cabin dimensions are typically 5’10” high, 6′ wide and 20′ long. Most have a 4-5 hour range, with a few such as the Hawker 800XP, Citation X, Citation Sovereign and Gulfstream 150 boasting a 6-7 hour range enabling coast-to-coast flights with the required fuel reserve. Midsize jets include a mini-galley and many are equipped with audio/video entertainment. Interior appointments include a combination of luxury leather reclining captains chairs and leather 2 or 3-place couches. Standard catering is included. Midsize jet private charter flights represent an excellent combination of performance, comfort and efficiency.

Citation X
Citation Sovereign
Citation XLS
Citation Excel
Citation VII
Citation III
Hawker 900XP
Hawker 850XP
Hawker 800XP
Hawker 800A
Hawker 700
Hawker 400A
Gulfstream 150
Gulfstream 100
Learjet 60
Learjet 55
Learjet 45

Light Cabin Jets

$2,350 – $2,900 hourly*

The premier value in jet charter, these jets typically seat 6 passengers comfortably and 8 maximum. Cabin dimensions are much like those of a stretch limousine, and are typically 4’8″ high, 5′ wide and 15′ long. Many include an enclosed lavatory such as the Citation series, Raytheon Premier, Beechjet/Hawkers and Westwinds. The Westwinds boast a cabin size close to a midsize jet such as the Learjet 55. Light jet range is typically up to 1500 miles and these aircraft are popular for regional charter flights of up to three hours. Most light independent jets feature leather and hardwood luxury interiors, a mini-galley and in-flight audio/video entertainment. Light cabin private jet charters are ideal for regional 1-3 hour flights for up to 6 passengers, and provide the best in charter jet value, agility and efficiency.

Citation Encore
Citation Ultra
Citation V
Citation Bravo
Citation II/S
Citation II
Citation I-SP
Citation CJ3
Citation CJ2
Citation CJ
Learjet 40
Learjet 31A
Learjet 35
Learjet 25
Hawker 400XP
Beechjet 400
Premier 1A
Falcon 10
Learjet 36
Westwind I
Westwind II

Very Light Jets

$2,200 – $2,700 hourly*

The much anticipated VLJ (Very Light Jet) charters continue to come on line across the country. VLJ’s are filling an air charter niche between Turboprops and Light Jets. Ideal for short flights up to 500 miles with up to 4 passengers, VLJ charters will provide the most economical jet charter option for shorter trips. VLJ’s typically cruise up to 400mph at an altitude of 30,000-36,000 feet, with a maximum range of 1,150 miles. VLJ aircraft seat up to 4 passengers comfortably with a cabin space slightly smaller than that of a minivan. VLJ charters provide a new entry level jet charter for shorter regional private jet charter needs.

Citation Mustang
Eclipse 500
Phenom 100
Diamond D-Jet
Honda jet

Executive Turboprops

$1,700 – $2,450 hourly*

The most economical option in premium charter service, these aircraft use a turbine (jet) engine to drive the blades of a conventional propeller. They combine the reliability of a jet engine with superior short runway performance and flight characteristics to create the most agile executive charter aircraft. With a generous cabin space, the King Air series provides the most comfort for the charter dollar and more interior room baggage capacity than light cabin jets. In production for over 40 years, the King Air is the most successful business aircraft in history and the most popular choice for trips of 600 miles or less. The Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12 has experienced the most growth in recent years and rivals the King Air in performance, capability and cabin space, while slightly more economical.

King Air 350
King Air 300
King Air B200
King Air 200
King Air 100
King Air C90B
Pilatus PC-12
TBM 850
TBM 700
Cessna Conquest
Cessna Grand Caravan
King Air 90
Piper Cheyenne 400LS
Piper Cheyenne III
Piper Meridian
Dehavilland -6
Metroliner III
Turbo Commander

* Two-hour daily minimums apply. Some requests will quote better as drop-off and pick-up.  Costs per hour do not include possible fuel surcharge, overnight fees, airport fees, taxes 7.5%. Prepared charter quotes include all applicable costs.