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At Kae Sushi, we serve the best sushi in Miami at affordable prices. We have an exclusive take out, lunch, and kids menu, and our diners can customize the level of heat they like in their food. We use a diverse range of fresh ingredients in our recipes and bring to our diners the authentic flavors of Japan.

What makes Japanese food the healthiest in the world?

It is a world-renowned fact that the Japanese people live a longer and healthier life than people from in the world. A big reason for their long life span is the traditional Japanese diet that they follow. 98% of Japanese meals are low in calories and saturated fats but are high in nutrients, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Japanese meals contain a staple, a main dish, and a variety of side dishes. 

From rice, seafood, seaweed, and fruits, what goes into a Japanese meal comes from less than 500 km radius, which makes it super healthy for consumption. The meal itself follows a minimalistic approach and offers an excellent nutritional balance. 

Elements of Japanese food

Japanese cuisine is made up of four important elements: fresh ingredients, culinary approach, nutritional content, and hospitality. Some of the principal ingredients of Japanese cuisine include rice, vegetables, mushrooms, shellfish, fish, beef, and seaweed. Japanese rice is of two types, one is the non-glutinous rice called uruchi, and the glutinous kind called the mochi. The cuisine uses close to 4,200 species from the oceans in and around Japan in their meals.

The Japanese cooking approach predominantly involves procedures like steaming, boiling, stewing, etc. The Japanese also go to great lengths to present their foods in the most pleasing and appealing way. The nutritional content of a traditional Japanese meal is low in calories and unhealthy cholesterol and provides the perfect balance of nutrients and flavors. We serve the best sushi in Miami and offer the best Japanese culinary experience.

Healthy meals to order at a Japanese restaurant

If you are someone that watches your calories closely, then you are 100% safe when you dine at a Japanese restaurant. Most items from the menu are going to be either steamed, boiled, or grilled, except a few fried foods. For starters, you can go ahead and order a plate of grilled gyoza or edamame along with miso soup and sui. For side dishes, you can order some of the healthy low-calorie foods like sashimi, sushi, temaki, and norimaki.

For the main course, teriyaki dishes, yakitori, yosenabe, sukiyaki (beef-based dish), shabu-shabu (beef with vegetables), ramen, rice, and buta shoga-yaki are some of the healthy choices. Stay away from ordering tempura, fried dumplings, and deep-fried fish, meat, or tofu for a healthy meal experience.

Dine at the Kae Sushi by making a reservation with us today. We are one of the few Japanese restaurants to serve the best sushi in Miami, and we focus on serving our guests with the ideal balance of nutrients. We enrich our diners’ experience with a combination of fresh seasonal ingredients, unique culinary approach, and unsurpassable hospitality.

Best Sushi In Miami

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Best Sushi In Miami

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