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Jackson Hole Regional Airports

Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC), is located inside Grand Teton National Park, and is the only airport inside a national park. It is 8 miles north of Jackson, Wyoming, a 15 minute drive to town, 25 minutes to Wilson and 35 minutes to Teton Village.

At the foot of the 13,770 Grand Teton, it is considered one of the most scenic airports in the world. The airport is also the busiest airport in Wyoming and is served by five major airlines with flights to seven major hubs nationwide.

Private jet traffic is served by the airport's FBO, Jackson Hole Aviation, on the south end of the field.

Located in the Jackson Hole valley with mountains on all sides, the airport has numerous instrument approaches for use in low visibility weather, including ILS and WAAS precision approaches.

Driggs, Idaho

Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport (KDIJ) is located on the west side of the Teton range in Teton Valley, Idaho, and approximately a 45 minute drive to the town of Jackson. The airport boasts a newly constructed 2009 runway, which at 7,300 feet long is able to handle most private jet traffic on most days of the year. The airport is served by two GPS approaches. It's full service FBO, Teton Aviation, has a restaraunt and patio on the runway with views of airport activity. Teton Aviation also features a warbird museum.

Pinedale, Wyoming

Pinedale-Ralph Wenz Field Airport (KPNA) is 63 nautical miles SouthEast of Jackson Hole, and approximately a 1-1/2 hour car ride. The field is located just south of the town of Pinedale, at the foot of the Wind River Range which features the tallest mountain peak in Wyoming at just over $13,700 feet. The runway, at 8,900 feet, is more that able for most private jets, and New Flight Charters recommends the Pinedale Airport FBOEmblem Aviation. The Pinedale Airport is considered the gateway by air to much of Wyoming's natural gas and oil mining region south of Pinedale.

West Yellowstone, Montana

Yellowstone Airport (KYWS) is located 67 nautical miles North of Jackson Hole, just north of the town of West Yellowstone. The town sits on the western edge of Yellowstone National Park and the airport is a popular gateway for passengers visiting Yellowstone. The airport and 8,400 foot runway has an airline terminal and airline service. The airline terminal has a restaurant and rental car service through Alamo on site. The FBO, aptly named Yellowstone Aviation, serves private aircraft. The airport operates Spring through October, and is closed in the winter months.

Afton, Wyoming

Afton Municipal Airport (KAFO) is located in Star Valley, Wyoming, 55 nautical miles south of Jackson Hole. The 7,000 foot runway is acceptable for most private jet traffic, and the airport is served by Afton Flight Services FBO.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls Regional Airport (KIDA) is 58 nautical miles west of Jackson Hole, and a 2-hour ride by car. The airport has commercial airline service through an airline terminal, and private aircraft service through Aero Mark the FBO. Idaho Falls is the primary alternate airport for commercial flights unable to get in to Jackson Hole.

Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois Municipal Airport (U25) is located 46 nautical miles East of Jackson Hole. It has one 6,100 foot runway and is considered a VFR (fair weather) airport. The airport is adjacent to the resort and rural-western town of Dubois. The airport may be favorable also in accessing mountain camps and guest ranches between Dubois and Jackson Hole in the Gros Ventre mountains.

Regional Airports

Jackson Hole (KJAC)

Dirggs ID (KDIJ)

Afton WY (KAFO)

Idaho Falls (KIDA)

Pinedale WY (KPNA)

Dubois WY (U25)

West Yellowstone (KWYS)


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